We are a Spirit filled non-denominational and inter-denominational ministry with an outreach at Rodeos, Ropings, Barrel Races, Bull Ridings, Cowboy Churches and other places. We hold weekly Cowboy Church services.

VISION: Reach rodeo cowboys and cowgirls with the Good News that Jesus loves them and Jesus Saves. Through this, their families, friends, and the many people they contact around the world, including ranchers and others in the horse and livestock industry will know God cares for them and Jesus is Lord.

EXPECTATION: See people saved, set free, healed spiritually, physically, emotionally, filled with the Holy Spirit, and living a life pleasing to God.

Ronnie Christian

Ronnie Christian, Cowboy Preacher, is a rodeo cowboy who loves Jesus and wants to bring others to know Him. He is a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

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Miracles Among The Cowboys!
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"...the fields are white already to harvest." - John 4:35